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March Madness

March Madness

3/7 - Early Out 2 pm
3/9 - Field Trip - Alvin Ailey Dancers
3/14 - Pi Day
3/17 - Early out 2 pm _ Guest Speaker
3/19 - LA Marathon
3/22 - 23 - PSAT Prep
3/24 - History Test - NOON Dismissal
3/29 - Guest Speaker
3/30 McTeacher's Night
3/31 - NO SCHOOL

February 13, 2017 Update

February 13 Update

Monday - Regular Day - Spelling Bee

Tuesday - Essay for English due by the end of the period (Early Dismissal)

Wednesday - Field Trip

Thursday - Junior Achievement Day

Friday - Regular Day

History - They should be reading Chap 14 and the study guide will be given out today.

English - We will begin reading a book next week that they will be reading mostly at home, please make sure that they are on task.


History - The students have received the entire year of the readings in History. This calendar also includes the test and vocabulary. This is a copy of the calendar I gave them so you can keep one at home.

History Extra Credit

History - Extra Credit Alert
Watch President Obama's Farewell Speech Tuesday night.  Tell me 3 key points from the speech and give a summary - worth up to 20 extra credit points.  This MUST be turned in on Wednesday to qualify.  It can be typed or written.

History Semester Two Calendar

This semester will be more challenging in History.  I have given all of the students a calendar for their readings and when the test will be given.  There will be projects during each unit and opportunities for extra credit.  All students are asked to stay on task and get all of their work done on time.


12/15 Happy Holiday's to you all. We celebrated the end of the semester today with lots of food, fun, and movies. Ms. Johnsonand I sponsored the Hot Chocolate party. Thanks to the Reneau family for the pizza! Thanks to all of you for sending the food, drinks and snacks. Tomorrow (Friday) we get out at 2pm. Everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday and we will see you in the new year.

11/30 Post

Tomorrow and Friday we will get out at 2:00 pm. There will be parent conferences from 2-3:15 for students who had a D or a Fail on the 15-week report cards.

If you would like to meet either day please send me a message. If you would like me to call you during that time please inbox me your number and a time to call.

I gave the students the extra credit assignments for History and English and reminded them that all assignments for this 5 week period must be done in order to be eligible for the extra credit assignment due on 12/9.

11/17 Post

Friday is a regular day. We will be out of school all next week. Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

ELA - All rough drafts are due the Monday we return. They should be working through the holiday to complete them. The final essay will be typed and is due on 12/2. They will have time to type during class all the week we return.

HSS - Chap 6 Test
They all have study guides for the Chapter 6 test. They need to create flashcards or some type of studying process and show it to me on that Monday we return. The test will be either Thursday or Friday when we return.

As we approach the end of the semester students have asked for extra credit. I will think about it over the holiday. They will only be eligible for the extra credit assignments if they have completed all other regular assignments from Monday 11/14 until the end of the semester.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving - I am grateful to all of you for allowing me to work with your children. They are really great students. Thank you for your support.

Ms. Doby

11/7 News

ELA - a writing project will be due on December 2nd. The topic is "What drives someone to undertake a mission?"

HSS - Chap 5 test 11/10
Read chap 6 for homework this week

All journals are graded.

FRIDAY is a Holiday - Thank you to our vets!

Don't forget to VOTE!

Yesterday our Audubon had a special guest, the class went crazy. Trey Songz visited our class and donated supplies.  Thank you!


I would love for our robotics class to participate in this showcase.  They will have an opportunity to meet other teams and showcase what they have learned so far.

11/4 News
English - Students just started a writing project that will be due on 12/2. The theme is what drives someone to undertake a mission? It is based on the stories we are reading in class.

History - Today their Black Death projects are due. They will have a chapter 5 test on November 10th. They should have their flash cards for this test made already.

Their 15-week report cards should arrive after the November 11th holiday. I have graded their journals and you can take a look at them to see what they are doing in class.

Thank you for your support.

1st Week of Challenges

The robotics class is going so well.  We just completed our first week of challenges and they did a great job!  The class is off to a great start, pictures and videos will be posted soon.