School for Advanced Studies
Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) are programs designed throughout the district which have been implemented to improve educational options and increase professional training to support the development of gifted and talented youth. The Schools for Advanced Studies Program receives funding from the district in the form of a block grant. SAS teachers and administrators are required to participate in professional development training.

Student Outcomes
  •  Continuous progress based on ability and performance
  •  Accelerated student performance
  •  Development of independence and self direction
  •  Acceleration in a discipline or across disciplines
  •  Increased use of technology for research and multi-media presentations
  •  Increased participation in state and national tests and competitions
  •  Success in making original contributions to a field of study
  •  Early college admission
  •  Grade advancement
  •  Concurrent enrollment in two grades and/or college
Administrator/Teacher Outcomes
  •  Increased knowledge of cognitive and social emotional needs of gifted students
  •  Increased knowledge and use of program options and strategies for teaching gifted students
  •  Improved professional development leading to teacher certification
  •  Articulated programs (elementary, middle, and senior high schools)
  •  Alternative assessment procedures (recognizing individual differences)
  •  Increased use of resources for working with gifted students
  •  Alternative evaluation processes