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Parent Organizations

ENGLISH LEARNER ADVISORY COMMITTEE – Parents of English Learners are elected to this committee to implement and evaluate the Master Plan for English Learners Plan. The Committee is responsible for the EL Program Budget and its members are provided parent education opportunities. Meetings are held monthly.

– This Council is composed of elected parents and school personnel. The Council is empowered to work collaboratively in five areas of the school program: staff development, student discipline, scheduling of school events and activities, school equipment, and the school budget.

PHBAO PARENT REPRESENTATIVE – (Predominately Hispanic, Black, Asian, and Other Non-Whites):
Up to two representatives are selected on a yearly basis and receive a stipend. The representatives attend meetings throughout the year and serve as liaisons between the school and community.

SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL (SSC) COMMITTEE – The School Site Council is the school governing body. Its function is to ensure all federal and state parental involvement mandates are met, develop the Title One parent involvement policy/parent-student compact, develop the Title One parental involvement budget, review the school's categorical budget, develop and adopt the SPSA in consultation with relevant stakeholders, examin data prior to the annual revision of the SPSA, adhere to the California Open Meeting Law (Greene Act) and meet at least 6 times a year.