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Counseling Announcements and Information

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Welcome to the Audubon Counseling Office webpage.  Our office is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm.  Students and Parents are welcome to visit the Counseling Center before school, at nutrition, at lunch, and afterschool. Parents who wish to set an appointment during the school day must bring a photo ID to enter campus. The counseling support staff is available daily until 4:00pm. 
Our priorities are Individual Graduation Plans (IGP), 8th grade senior meetings, and mandatory parent conferences; we strongly encourage you to call before walking in. 
Please understand that while walk-in parents and students are always welcome, you must sign in and wait to be seen by their counselor.  Our office encourages parents to contact your child’s counselor directly for an appointment to ensure that the counselor will be available for your visit. Parents who choose to walk-in to our office without an appointment take the risk of finding that their child’s counselor is unavailable or will not have sufficient time to address their concerns.  We do realize that there are times when emergencies will occur and you and your child will receive immediate response. 
Please call us at (323) 290 – 6300 to set up an appointment in advance of your visit.  
You may contact our office if you are in need of the following:
        New Enrollment / Check out Procedures Student Program Information
      Class Schedule Information
       Transcript Requests: 48 hour turn around time for Requests 
      Class Assignments for Excused/ Extended Absences only!
       To Contact a teacher/ counselor / administrator (Parent Conference)
       Academic Contracts/ Progress Reports/ Report Cards