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Audubon's Tutoring Component

Youth Services Plus Out-of School Program
The mission of YS Plus is to supports the Superintendent's Strategic Plan by providing safe, wholesome, and well-supervised activities that extend the learning process beyond the classroom. Specific goals include the development and implementation of critical educational support. YS Plus, is a comprehensive after school program that provides academic support, recreation, and enrichment activities at Audubon.
Accelerated Skills Extended Day Program
The (ASEDP) Accelerated Skills Extended Day Program works with students that scored below basic and far below basic  in reading or math on the (CST) California Standards Test. The ongoing mission is to raise the academic standards of those students so they will be academically prepared for Audubon's academic rigor.  Sessions take place each Monday and Wednesday from 3:15pm to 4:30pm.
Project SOAR
Project SOAR provides resources for inquiring minds-both in and outside the classroom-that engage students in hands-on STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) lessons and increase student and public awareness of climate and the environment through activities and curricula. Planned Project SOAR programs include speakers series, workshops for educators and inquiring minds, forums for educators, and the development and dissemination of hands-on STEM lessons and curricula.
Our program's focus is on math support, it meets on Saturdays. If you are interested please call the Audubon main office.
Beyond the Bell
Beyond the Bell Branch (BTB) carries the commitment that all students within the district have access to high quality, safe and supervised educational, enrichment and recreational programs that engage and inspire learning and achievement beyond the regular school day. Beyond the Bell connects students and youth to their home, school and community through a variety of programs that are provided and operated by the school district and its partner agencies before, after school and on weekends.
Does your child need help with homework? Enroll in the "Homework Club" where he or she can receive additional support from an adult every Tuesday for one hour.  If you are interested please fill out a "Homework Club" application located in the Main Office and submit it to your child's teacher.
For more "Homework Club" information contact
 Ms. Norma Spencer, Assistant Principal.