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 Audubon Gifted/High Ability Magnet Center is dedicated to providing a differentiated learning environment which cultivates human relations and multicultural experiences. We use different educational approaches, emphasizing/encouraging opportunities that develop varying interests, and abilities, to foster a positive self-image.
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Magnet Coordinator: Ms. Baccus Doby
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Staying Connected to News and Events of the Magnet Program
There are lots of ways to stay "in the know" about what's going on in the Magnet Program this year: check out our link tree and our website to stay informed with the most current information. Share the wonderful things happening at Audubon Gifted Magnet and School for Advanced Studies with your friends and family!
Please visit our link tree for more information on our programs. 
Magnet/SAS Program Highlights
Check out some of our program highlights for our High Achieving/High Ability Gifted Magnet Center & School for Advanced Studies. As a Gifted Magnet we cater to the whole child. We offer honors level classes in STEAMM; Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math and Music! Listed is some of the programs and activities we offer during school and some after school. There are wonderful things happening at Audubon.
The "Choices" window is now open!
This is the time of year when magnet families of students in grade 5, and 8 begin applying for a space at the next great school. Please apply online at www.echoices.lausd.net (You can highlight the address and then "right click" on it to take you directly there.) and begin completing your application.  The window is now open for the 2022-2023 school year Apply today! Your child does not have to already be identified gifted. If they show potential and meet the eligibility criteria, we can complete a referral for your child on site. There are multiple categories in which your child can be referred for gifted identifications. The categories are: Visual and Performing Arts, Intellectual Ability, High Achievement, Specific Ability, Leadership and Creativity. Please complete the GATE Referral Form if you are interesting in having your child referred. https://forms.gle/595hXgtTS75H8ckS6
GIfted Referral Interest form:
Students travel to Ancient Egypt using AR!
Parent Teacher Conferences 10/20/22!
Please join us for our Parent Teacher conferences where our students will showcase some of their amazing work! Come and check out our amazing Magnet and School for Advanced Studies are producing! Audubon Eagles rock! #EaglePride!
Gifted Magnet Program still has SPACE AVAILABLE!
We have space available!If you are still wondering about placement for your gifted or high achieving scholar, look no more! Audubon Gifted Magnet Center is the right place! 
Our strong magnet department is filled with expert teachers who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their classroom instruction.
We have smaller class sizes, with a 27:1 ratio of students to teacher on average.
We offer college prep courses through Los Angeles Southwest College, robotics, music, and film production (for 8th graders) as electives. We incorporate the arts into of gifted magnet program. We offer visual, ceramic, performing, media & digital arts as addition courses embedded within the students core classes. 
This year 8th grade students took the PSAT, (a 10th grade College Preparedness exam) which will assist in guiding their educational career in preparation for college. Audubon participates annually in the Los Angeles County Spelling Bee. We are continuing another year of Art Active with many Art and Music Opportunities on our campus, where students will have opportunities to perform across Los Angeles. We are partnering with several community organizations that will bring music, culinary arts, sports, and exercise back to the school campus! We believe nurturing and developing well-rounded scholars!
Please call the Magnet office to schedule a tour, complete an online application, or discuss other educational programs or resources (213) 421-1567. or visit www.echoices.lausd.net. to apply today!
MAGNET TEACHERS: We're worth our weight in GOLD!
Gifted/High Ability Magnet Teachers
Ms. L. Walker
Ms. N. Johnson
Mr. D. Kemker
Ms. A. Le
Ms. V. Baccus-Doby-Coordinator and Teacher