Magnet Program
Welcome to the Gifted/High Ability Magnet Center
Audubon Gifted/High Ability Magnet Center is dedicated to providing a differentiated learning environment which cultivates human relations and multicultural experiences. We use different educational approaches, emphasizing/encouraging opportunities that develop varying interests, and abilities, to foster a positive self-image.

Magnet Coordinator: Mrs. N. Gilliam

Features of the Program

·         Our strong magnet department is filled with expert teachers who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their classroom instruction.

·         We have smaller class sizes, with a 30:1 ratio of students to teacher.

·         We offer Spanish, Robotics, and Intro to Computers as electives, as well as Algebra for 8th grade students who qualify.

      Students participate in Leadership and community service.  Currently students are required to show time spent assisting in some form of school wide community service. This activity, plus the inclusion of many of our students in our school leadership classes, improves self-concept, allows demonstration of responsibility and personal organization. Students are recognized for their positive contributions.

          For the second year in over 20 years, our 8th grade students will take the PSAT, which will assist in guiding their educational career in preparation for college.

·         We are partnering with several community organizations that will bring music, culinary arts, and exercise back to the school campus!

o   We just recently opened our new nautilus facility, which students use in the sports conditioning class, thanks to a grant from Sound Body, Sound Mind.

o   Our P.E. Program also includes a cycling program for students offered through the Community Health Council.

Qualifications for Admission to the Magnet Program

For admission to the Magnet program a student must be Proficient or Advanced in English Language Arts AND Math according to their most recent California Standards Test (CST) scores. For more information, please visit the Gifted and Talented Education page at

How to Apply for Admission to the Magnet Program
The CHOICES Window is OPEN until November 13, 2015

There are TWO WAYS to apply
1. APPLY ONLINE: - You must create a Parent Profile if you have never done so before.
2. COMPLETE A PAPER APPLICATION: Applications are available in the Magnet Office or Counseling Office at Audubon.

Please call 323-290-6319 to schedule an appointment with the Magnet Coordinator if you are interested in taking a tour or need assistance completing the application.

Audubon Magnet Program Guidelines

A student that is being considered for placement or is placed in the Audubon Magnet Program must adhere to the guidelines. Understand that enrollment is a privilege and that Fall/Spring Semester final grades/citizenship will be reviewed and must be satisfactory before the student is transferred to the Magnet Program. 

1. I agree that I must be a student in good standing. Good standing is defined as a student who does not receive a discipline referral during the entire semester and whose record in the Campus Safety Office during the previous semester was deemed acceptable.

2. I agree that I must have good attendance with no truancies. Violation of the 10-day attendance policy is not considered good attendance if it falls below 95%. I understand that excessive tardies in the tardy sweep program or on a report card will be reviewed for eligibility.

3. I agree that I must maintain a C or better average (a minimum 2.5 GPA).

4. I understand that grade checks will be conducted during the semester and a C average must be obtained on the 10-week and 15-week report cards with no fails.

5. I agree to all the above guidelines and understand that if I can not abide by them my enrollment in Magnet classes may be terminated and I will not be placed in the Magnet School for Spring semester.

6. I understand that I must observe the Audubon Dress Code at all times (in school uniform daily).

7. I must behave appropriately as a role model student at all times, in all classes, in every office, and while on campus.

Mrs. Gilliam

Mrs. Heyward-Walls

Mr. Joeck

Mr. Rios

Ms. Tinsley

Ms. Walker