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Uniform Policy / Safety Dress Code

 2021 - 2022


All represented stakeholders of Audubon Middle School and Gifted Magnet Center have agreed to continue a School Uniform Policy and Safety Dress Code in a manner consistent with the rights set forth in all relevant Federal and State statutes, local and LAUSD ordinances and regulations.


Audubon’s School Uniform Policy provides that students wear a uniform.  The uniform is a solid white or gray polo collared shirt /blouse with solid gray “Dickies style” pants, shorts or skirt. All jackets, overcoats, hooded tops, or sweaters must be solid gray or white.  All uniforms must be solid colors. No patterns, plaids, stripes, or pictures are acceptable.  Footwear must be closed toed shoes or tennis shoes. No variations of red or blue are acceptable.


It was further agreed to continue enforcing a Safety Dress Code that prohibits the wearing of all attire and accessories that have been determined to create a hazard to the health and safety of the wearer or others.  Banned items also include those items, which cause distraction from or disturbance in any school activity. ** These items include, but are not limited to:


  • Headgear, except that which is used for religious or medical reasons,
  • Inappropriate jewelry,
  • Oversized belt buckles,
  • Items containing lewd or vulgar images, statements, or references,
  • Items that suggest drug use or involvement with the drug culture
  • No Sandals (feet must be totally enclosed)


The California Legislature has determined that “gang apparel” is hazardous to the health and safety of the school environment; therefore, the wearing of items that indicate involvement in or affiliation with “gangs” is prohibited at all times while on campus. ** These items include, but are not limited to:


  • Clothing and accessories that are predominantly red, blue, brown, or black,  
  • Plain, white, crewneck and V-neck shirts (“White-T’s”) as outerwear.   


Audubon Middle School and Gifted Magnet Center stakeholders are depending on all of us to support the implementation of this effort to facilitate a more positive, safe, and peaceful learning environment in which academic attainment can achieve its full measure of success.  Attached to this letter are locations were the uniform can be purchased and consequences for violating our uniform policy.


** Clothing items, styles, and modes of dress not specifically enumerated as prohibited by this policy receive sanctions at the discretion of the supervising staff consistent with the rights and responsibilities presented in this document.                


Uniforms can be purchased at the following locations:


Surplus Stores


Any uniform store (i.e. Banana Tree, Michael’s, Cambridge…)