TWO AUDUBON Eagles WIN the C5LA Scholarship 2017!

Congratulations Audubon Scholars!
Two Audubon Middle School and Gifted Magnet Center​ students have won the Prestigious C5LA​ Leadership Development Scholarship. WINNERSNaomi Ransom and Joseph Lopez.
Lelani White was also a Nominee. The Leadership program challenges students to face obstacles,  learn to collaborate, be resilient and to advocate for Self, Education, and their Community!
The National  Scholarship​ expands for 4 years through their Sophomore year of college and 5 full summers. A truly Life Changing experience! #EagleScholars #LDWest #LosAngelesGiftedAndTalented
This Scholarship is the starting point of a life long participation in National Student Leadership and Academic Endeavors.  The Scholarship equates to $40,000, yes Forty Thousand Dollars in Services, Support, and Expenses during the life of the grant for each student through their Sophomore year of college.
Students spend 8 weeks of each summer in Leadership Development Camp in Montana, working on Community Issues and Social Advocacy with National Merit Students from all over the United States.
Audubon Middle School is excited to provide our students with the foundation needed to compete and win National Honors like the coveted C5LA Scholarship.

We Celebrate Naomi and Joseph!  Have a Magnificent 2017 Summer in Leadership Camp!