Principal Sip N Chat with Parents and 8th grade students- 6pm. Today! MLK Day of Service

 For the convenience of parents and community members who would like to share a comment or learn the principal's perspective directly - please join us from the comfort of your own home.  The first Sip N Chat will be by using the comment section of the Audubon MS Facebook page.  
We are endeavoring to create an ongoing open forum for change and improvement.  Following in the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg - Audubon leaders, administrators, and teachers will create a respectful, ongoing discussion opportunity in addition to our Monthly Parent Meetings, School Site Council, and Grade Level meetings!  
Rules of Engagement: Three topics selected for each Sip N Chat!
1) All comments are directly related to the three topics identified ONLY!
2) All comments should follow the 140 characters rule - allowing many more people an opportunity to share.
3) Suggestions are welcome.  Please phrase respectfully.
4) Compliments or Positive Observations are always welcome - it helps the leadership to know what we did that supported you and your child and what we need to do more of to connect with your needs.
5) Ms. Young will provide a reply that meets with the established rules above.
Our Audubon students have participated with Ms. Young in the Sip N Chats on campus.  Our staff and teachers have participated with Ms. Young in the Sip N Chats.  Only adults receive the coffee :).
How can you participate?  Grab a cup of coffee and log on.  Leave a comment under the topics listed.  Read the other participants responses.
Join us!  6pm Tonight!