8th Grader - Korey Finell - Designs the NEW AMS 8th Grade Uniform Shirt!

New 8th Grade Uniform!

The Class of 2015 has bravely selected a NEW UNIFORM SHIRT to begin the school year!  The new 8th grade Culminating Class are excited to be the first 8th grade class to vote on their own uniform.  The 8th grade students will wear – Black Audubon MS Polo Shirts with a collar and a new Audubon MS logo.  The pants/skirts will remain gray.  This Uniform Shirt change will allow our entire community to know that your child is on track for culmination.  They have earned the right to go black!  The seventh grade students will wear Gray Polo Uniform shirts and our incoming 6th grade students will wear the regular white collar shirts.

The Faculty and Audubon community celebrate this accomplishment for all 8th grade students. v

UNIFORM SHOES will be strictly enforced:

Black, Gray, White, or Green shoes only are allowed at Audubon.

New School Uniform:  8th Grade

Even Jay Z and President Obama are wearing the Eagle 8th Grade Uniform!  Black Shirt and Gray pants!

Black Polo Shirt  w/ School Logo

Gray Pants or Skirt or Short