8th Grade Academic Intervention & Enrichment Program

AIEP Sessions are as follows:
Thursday-May 1, 2014
Tuesday-May 6, 2014
Wednesday-May 7, 2014
Thursday-May 8, 2014
Tuesday-May 13, 2014
Wednesday-May 14, 2014
Thursday-May 15, 2014
Tuesday-May 20, 2014
Wednesday-May 21, 2014
Thursday-May 22, 2014
Participation in Audubon Middle School's Academic Intervention and Enrichment Program will greatly increase (Although not guarantee) your child's opportunity to meet eligibility requirements for the 8th grade culmination and in meeting the goals set forth by the State of California, LAUSD, and Audubon Middle School. "Soaring Eagles Strive for Success!"
Questions regarding the Academic Intervention and Enrichment Program direct to the AIEP Coordinators Ms. Negretta Freeman and Mr. Kevin Dailey.