An Amazing Fall Harvest Festival at AMS!

Students were treated to many events throughout the week of October 28 - Nov. 1
On Monday, October 28 AMS Homeroom Teachers picked up Harvest Pumpkins to begin their collaborations on scary, lively, and surprising Pumpkin escapades to compete in the first AMS pumpkin carving contest.

On Wednesday, October 30 students met on the quad for a live, timed Pumpkin carving contest just like Food Network. On the spot Pumpkin carvers were students from Ms. Ware's class, Ms. Ayala's Class created the King of Pop Michael Jackson pumpkin on the quad, and Ms. Williams class.

Other homerooms represented by bringing completed pumpkins to the quad - Mr. Bernal's class provided Nikki Minaj and The Sinister Batman Joker Pumpkins. Ms. May's class won the scariest pumpkin prize. Mr. Williams' class provided Kool Kat! Ms. Rosby's homeroom presented the Rasta Pumpkin. Ms. Luke's class provided the Mean Green Pumpkin Man! Ms. T. Jones' class provided the Patty Pumpkin along with a host of other pumpkins that students and teachers alike created. The most creative competitor was Ms. Field's six grade class with the Pumpkin Night, and yes the pumpkin lit up with a backdrop and every kid provided small scary pumpkins to compliment.

Well done Leadership and Ms. L. Williams for putting it together!