Audubon School Uniform Strictly Enforced! Day One 8/12/14! New 8th Grade Uniform!

Parents please be advised that the school uniform will be strictly enforced beginning August 16, 2016 on the first day of school. Regular dress code/uniform checks will be conducted weekly as students enter the school gates. 
For the safety of all of our students, please make sure you and your family follow:
No Khaki pants, No Black pants, No Leggings, No JEANS are allowed.
Girls' skirts must reach their knees.
Baggy/Sagging pants are NOT permitted on school grounds.  YOUR Child and your Family will be required to make appropriate corrections to their attire. 
Only Gray, White, or Black AUDUBON AMS Hoodies will be allowed. Audubon Hoodies are available in the student store for only $16.  Stay warm in the fall with the Audubon Hoodie!  Hats are not allowed in any classroom, they will be confiscated. 
Only Black, White, or Gray shoes. FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL OUR STUDENTS it is necessary that we strictly enforce that NO STUDENT AT AUDUBON wear NO SOLID BLUE, or RED attire of any type.- No Blue, Red,  Orange, or other tennis shoes will be allowed.
Uniforms may be purchased at Target (located on LaCienga & Rodeo), Fallas Paredes (located on Rodeo & Labrea), Walmart (located at the Crenshaw Mall), Landsend, JcPenny (located at Westfield Mall formerly Fox Hills), Old Navy and other school uniform locations.