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Uniform Complaint Procedure

The Los Angeles Unified School District has the primary responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, and shall investigate complaints alleging failure to comply with those laws and regulations alleging discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying and unauthorized charging of pupil fees for educational activities. The District shall seek to resolve those complaints in accordance with the procedures set out in Sections 4600-4687 of the Title 5 Regulations and the policies and procedures of the District.

The Uniform Complaint Procedure (UCP) may be used to report noncompliance of applicable state and federal laws and regulations; file complaints alleging discrimination, harassment, intimidation, bullying; or, unauthorized charging of pupil fees for educational activities; and/or to appeal District decisions regarding such complaints. UCP brochures are available at all school sites in the primary languages of that school community. Complainants are encouraged, where possible, to try to resolve their complaints directly at the school or work site or with their Educational Service Center (ESC).

A written notice regarding UCP must be disseminated annually to staff, students, parents/guardians, appropriate private school officials or representatives, District advisory committees, school advisory committees, and other interested school parties. Distribution may be in any form (brochure, newsletter, memorandum, staff/parent/student handbook, etc.) that will reach the school community.

A copy of this UCP policy bulletin shall be available free of charge.