Audubon Middle School is committed to maximizing the individualized potential of each and every student. For many of our students, this embodies one of our goals as a faculty and staff, which decreases that gap that oftentimes exist between adults and children, specifically on a school site. Given the many challenges many students face, prior to even attending school, Audubon Middle School has rewritten how student needs are met, on-campus in real-time.


Research will note, many Middle School aged children who are not successful academically or socially, lack engagement, and social skills, to negotiate the school day. As a family, Audubon Middle School has devoted on-going Professional Development, to equip our teachers with the necessary tools, and instructional strategies, to meet the needs of each student, every day.  


For our teachers, the Professional Development framework uses "The Sixteen Habits of Mind," as an overarching umbrella. It gives our Teachers, Counselors and Support Staff, reference points to construct their lesson plans to provide, and articulate tools that our students can utilize to better prepare themselves to be academically, socially, and emotionally ready to succeed. Additionally, our Professional Development Partner, K-12 STEAM has embedded the "Culturally Responsive Teaching Framework, to further meet the needs of our students.


Content and rationale for selection:


  • The content and structure of the K-12 STEAM framework, takes a close analytical look at the clients, schools serve. Specially, as it relates to Audubon Middle School, the non-tradition data sample noted in the overview, presents unique challenges for our certificated staff.
  • The Culturally Responsive Teaching Framework Action Plan will help teachers develop creative ways to understand their student perspectives, and give them tools to meet the instructional, and social emotional needs of their students. These tools include but are not limited to managing impulsivity, applying past knowledge to new situations, striving for accuracy, finding humor, remaining open to continuous learning, gather data through all senses, as well as thinking and communicating with clarity and precision.
  • There are several tools our students need, to essentially create the mindset to be successful. The ability for students to persist, listen and understand other perspectives, taking responsibility, and thinking interdependently are all skills that help shape the habits of successful students.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching has substantial research that supports the effectiveness of student-centered instruction with diverse populations.
  • Another unique trait that is built into the Culturally Responsive Teaching Framework includes specific, unique, specialized and different strategies that help foster teacher to student relationships through an advisory or homeroom period, to better meet the individual goals of all students.